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Getting started

  • Will Wepware support other browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari etc.?
  • What is Wepware?
  • What is a grab?
  • How do I start grabbing?
  • How to create a new account?
  • How to install Wepware?
  • How to hide/ delete Wepware button?
  • Can I print my grabs?
  • Is the text on grabs searchable?
  • How to open an original webpage from my grab?

Profile and Account Settings

  • How to edit profile and account settings?
  • How to change the password?
  • How to change your profile picture?
  • How to connect to or disconnect from Facebook/ Twitter?
  • How can I delete my account?

Grabbing and Placing

  • If I grab an article and later the site goes down will I still have the article or will it be gone?
  • What is Wepware Extension?
  • How to grab?
  • How to view real time contents?
  • How to place grabs?
  • The grab doesn't get saved and keep loading.
  • How to grab a long content? How to avoid blue selection in my grabs?
  • Best practices for real-time content grabbing
  • How to save Youtube videos in Wepware
  • Can I grab from my desktop or mobile phone?

Folders & Content management

  • How much storage space do I have for files in my Wepware account?
  • Can I export my grabs?
  • Do you offer a desktop clipper?
  • What is inside My Folders?
  • How to manage folders?
  • How to limit a folder access to selected people?
  • How to move grabs to another folder?
  • What is a Bind Grab?
  • Do we have private folders?
  • Can I create sub-folders?

Friends, Groups and Messages

  • Who can be my friend in Wepware?
  • How to create a new group?
  • How to invite friends to Wepware?
  • How to add a friend?
  • What are Wepware Groups?
  • How to invite new members to a group?
  • How to send a private message?

Regrabs, Comments and Likes

  • What means to regrab?
  • How to regrab?
  • How to comment on other people’s grabs?
  • What is like button?

Sharing, Grab Boards, Explore

  • How to share a grab?
  • What is a Grab Board?
  • What is in Explore tab?
  • How to share a folder of grabs?
  • What is difference between Explore space and Grab Board?
  • Can I add my grabs to other person’s Grab Board?
  • Can I change how my Grab Board looks?
  • How to subscribe to other people’s grabs?
  • What is the difference between Subscription and Following?

Privacy & Troubleshooting

  • What happens if I change my grab from public to private?
  • Does Wepware access my private data?
  • Can somebody see my Private grabs in folders?
  • How to remove/ uninstall Wepware extension?
  • I got a "Failed to post" message, can't save a grab.