What is Wepware?

 "Save your time and stay productive while browsing internet!"

Wepware allows you to easily capture, organize, share and discover your favorite parts of Internet and the world around you.

The days of having to manage and navigate through thousands of bookmarks and tabs are over! With our features like Real-time updates and Web Scrapbook you will always have quick and easy access to your content and never lose track of it.  

Wepware also makes discovering and collecting new content a breeze with Wepware's unique Extensions software for Chrome browser: Content Capture Too and Live Content Customizer. Both of them allow you to take visual notes from any website, and Live Content Customizer lets you instantly search for related content and create private DIY content mashups on any webpage.

No matter where you go, your content is with you! Wepware is fully integrated across Android and iPhone mobile platforms so you can easily discover, manage and share your content collection from anywhere.

 Is it a social network?

Wepware is a productivity tool. Integrated social features enable a great flexibility in sharing of the content. For Wepware team it became a place to hang out, share opinions and check latest news, peer’s requests, user feedback etc. Moreover, we use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr API’s for seamless content access and sharing.

 How does it work?

Grab, organize and share- it's that simple.  With Wepware's easy-to-use tools, simply grab live-snapshots of web pages, organize them into online folders and then share with friends through email or social media like Facebook and Twitter.

what Wepware does

Wepware structure

Wepware consists of 4 major parts: 

  • Extension software (Content Capture Tool - a Basic Extension and Live Content Customizer - a Premium Extension (coming soon));
  • Simple Content Organizer - web based content management page with integrated social network functionality;
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Desktop Capture Tool - Desktop application (Windows).



We are a team of programmers, designers, planners and marketers who dream to grow Wepware from a productivity tool to an open source social platform for live content management.

Don’t forget to get your free account and start grabbing the knowledge from the ocean of the Internet!