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Grab your favorites

Save Time & Stay Productive when browsing internet!


1. Grab from web pages & enjoy real-time features

by installing Wepware Extension software.

Install Basic Extension - Simple Content Capture Tool for Free!!!


capture live content

Capture live content & screenshots, videos & flash, etc.


check real-time updates

Check real-time updates without going back to original page

Place web app to other page

Place grabs to other pages

Check how it works



2. Browse and organize content

as soon as you create Wepware account 

browse and regrab in wepware

Browse favorite grabs of other users




Regrab things you like

 organize into folders Organize collected grabs into online folders
 Share with social networks Share by email or social networks


3. Access your content anywhere

Check details on Mobile App

access through any deivce

Access your online folders through any device 


 People use Wepware:  

☆ to organize their research results found in web,
☆ to create reference books,
☆ to compare shopping alternatives,
☆ to plan their vacation trip,
☆ to make quick sales portfolios,
☆ to save interesting info for reading later and for many other things.

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