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FAQs - capture tool

 This simple guide will help to master Wepware Desktop Application.


 1. UI map

 UI map

(1) Make cropped screenshots
(2) Take screenshots of active window
(3) Capture video
(4) Make screenshot annotations (by text and drawing)
(5) Load files from your PC
(6) Upload several items (files, images, screenshots) to Wepware
(7) Open Wepware Help page.

Contents related UI map

(1) Contents tile after capturing or loading file
(2) Remove contents
(3) Contents name
(4) View contents
(5) Individual contents editing



2. Capture options

  • Crop a screenshot

Click the Capture Selected Area button (or Shift + F2) and select the area to capture by dragging and releasing the mouse. Selection can be done by drawing a rectangle around the target object.

make cropped screenshots

  • Make a screenshot of an Active Window

Click Capture Active Window (or Shift + F3) and select the window to capture. 
(Ex: select the opened Word file, or Windows Media Player, etc.)


  • Record video of your screen

Select the Capture Video option in the Menu. Then set 3 options:

(1) Recording Region,
(2) Recording Quality and
(3) Sound Sampling.
(4) Check Show Mouse Track to see the mouse move on the video.

And press "Start" button to start recording.

video recording


Before recording you will be prompted to specify the area and the resolution. 

Set video recording options

The videos are recorded as MP4 files and are stored in the same Data folder with captured screenshots.

To see Data folder click Load Files button.


  • Annotate screenshots

Click Screen Painter button to start annotating your desktop screen right away.

  • Use the shapes, lines and arrows to draw on a screen, select colors and line width.
  • To move the toolbox away from the screen, click Move button.
  • To capture the selected area of annotation, click Capture Area button.
  • To capture the full size screenshot, click Screen Save button.

Screen annotation



  • Load files

You can add files from your Desktop PC by clicking Load Files button below the main menu or by simply drag & dropping them to the clipboard area.
The limitation for file upload is 5Mb.

load files



3. Upload to Wepware

  • Sign in

Before uploading the contents the software will prompt you to Sign In or Sign Up if you don't have an account yet.

Sign In


  • Select Folder

Select from the list of existing folders to save you contents. If the folder is not selected, the screenshots will be saved in the default folder in the list.

Select folder

  • Bind contents

Check Bind Items option box to combine all the current contents in the clipboard into one ordered content item called Bind. Enter the Title and Description if needed.

Bind contents

  • Click the Upload Button

Click Upload to Wepware button to initiate the uploading process.


4. Content management

  • Edit Content's information

You can add title, description and select the desired folder name for every added screenshot by clicking the Pen button on the Bottom-Right corner of each content. 

Moreover, you can set it Private or Public before uploading to Wepware. Public content will be displayed in Blue and Private will be in Orange color.


  • Remove from Clipboard

 Click on X button to remove the desired content from the clipboard.

Or Click Clear All button to clear the clipboard from all items.

Remove from clipboard