Android App Features


Here is How and What you can do with Wepware mobile app.


1. Download, Signup: 

  • Download from Google Play market and install,
  • Sign up, connect through Facebook or Twitter.

Download from Google Play market  Sign up  

2. View content:

  • View the content in My grabs and Friends' grabs,
  • Search by folder, keyword and username.

Home - My grabs  Home - my grabsHome - friends' grabs  Home - friends' grabs buttonSearch by folder  


3. Content management

  • Edit the grabs by changing title, description, folder and privacy;
  • Share with Wepware users directly or through Facebook, Twitter.
  • Delete unnecessary/ outdated content.

 Edit grab option button  Edit grab

Share with friends  share button

Share with Groups  Share with Groups button

share thru SNS  Share button


4. Add new content 

  • Upload photos, videos and notes to your folders,
  • Regrab new content from other users.

Upload options  Upload from camera

Upload a note  Upload a note button

Regrab user grab  Regrab button

Regrab form  Regrab upload


5. Groups

  • Read group updates,
  • Write posts,
  • Join open groups,
  • Check group member list

Groups Tab  Join Open Group button

Group details  View group member button

Group member list  Write a post  Group post editor  Publish group post button 


6. Messages

  • Send and read private messages from friends
  • New messages will appear as popup notification

My Profile - Messages

  Messages with another user  message send button

Send new message  Send new message options


7. Socializing

Like grabs, leave comments (will appear in notifications)

Other user's grab  Comment, Like buttons


8. My profile

  • Change profile description
  • Change picture
  • Check notifications
  • View/ write messages
  • View personal network (friends, people who follow me, people whom I follow)

Me- Profile page  Your network  Settings and messages  Edit profile information  My notifications