iPhone App Features


Here is How and What you can do with Wepware mobile app.


1. Download, Signup: 

  • Download from AppStore and install,
  • Sign up, connect through Facebook or Twitter.

2. Browse content:

  • View the content in My grabs and Friends' grabs,
  • Search by folder, keyword and username.

 Content browsing  Search by folders  


3. Content management

  • Edit the grabs by changing title, description, folder and privacy;
  • Share with Wepware users directly or through Facebook, Twitter.
  • Delete unnecessary/ outdated content.

 Content management  Edit grab  Share with friends, groups


4. Add new content 

  • Upload photos, videos and notes to your folders,
  • Regrab new content from other users.

 Add new content   write a note   Regrab


5. Groups

  • Read group updates,
  • Write posts,
  • Join open groups,
  • Check group member list

Browse groups    Write a group post

6. Messages

  • Send and read private messages from friends
  • New messages will appear as popup notification

 New Message   Write a message

7. Socializing

Like grabs, leave comments (will appear in notifications)

Like, regrab, comment, share

8. My profile

  • Change profile description
  • Change picture
  • Check notifications
  • View/ write messages
  • View personal network (friends, people who follow me, people whom I follow)

Profile   Edit profile