Web App


Web app is a Grab (a captured content) that was placed on another web page. It is displayed in real-time by default and works best on big screen monitors.

What is it for?

Think of mobile apps that you wish to use on your desktop, but instead, you have to Google to look for the information. Wepware enables you to have those small apps in your Wepware library.

3 reasons why Wepware web app is awesome:Placing grabs (web apps)

  1. All your grabbed content automatically become web apps when placed on a web page;
  2. You can place more than one web app on any web page! (Ex: watching baseball game while checking Facebook or simultaneously playing several games on the same page)
  3. You get to save your web apps placed on particular web page even after you connect from another computer! Your web apps will be in same location on the screen with the same apps even if you access from another computer! (Ex, if I put an app on Google page, and visit Google page on another computer it will be there as long as I'm signed into Wepware and Wepware extension is installed).

In addition to web apps, you can search and place YouTube videos, Flickr pictures and even Group apps (if you join Groups) on any page that you currently browse!

Check out some examples of placed web apps.

Watch the video on how web apps are placed.

Refer to our User guide to learn more about Web apps.