Best Practices for Grabbing Real-time Content

Generally, Wepware can capture anything from web pages. But sometimes websites' structure doesn't let Wepware retrieve real-time content. In those cases it either won't load or won't display properly. However, our team does its best to make it possible for you to grab as freely as you can.

Tips for grabbing real-time content that will display properly.


  1. To grab unchanging content, avoid main pages and feed pages like Facebook walls. Use dedicated pages for that content or article.
  2. To grab content like news feeds and check their updates later, grab them from main pages with predefined structures .
  3. Make sure you grab the content together with the functional buttons and space (navigation buttons, space for expanding menus etc.)
  4. Check the grab by summoning it on another page (to make sure it functions the way you expect it).
  5. When content size depends on the browser window, Diminish or expand the browser window to the size that fits your needs and then grab!



  • Youtube videos are not grabbable due to its website structure. To help you search and grab Youtube videos right from the bottom slidebar we have used Youtube API.
  • Radio stations or video/ music streaming players often don't work in real-time due to its structure (like Youtube).
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