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How to: (Watch a video)

To place - means to retrieve a grab from My Folders and place it on top of any webpage as a web app.

Web app shows all content inside a grab real-time like a small app. By clicking and dragging you can move your web app to any location on the webpage.

1. Open Slidebar (bottom-right) slidebar button
2. Click folder button and select the grab to retrieve from the opened list of recent grabs.grab folder
3. Click and Drag a grab to desired location on a web page.

placed grab

Most of websites permit real-time content grabbing. But some of them dont. In that case you will only see a screenshot of a grabbed area in your web app.


  • Grab cannot be retrieved at the same page where it was grabbed.
  • You can place more than one grab on a same page.
  • Place is very useful when using a big size monitor
  • Set to “All of Web” to see the grab on all surfed pages