For travelers

use Wepware to plan your trip


Create a travel board to help you organize your next trip with ease.  Research and grab information about your destination, as well as your travel plans. Grab and save tickets search results that update on their own whenever you re-open your browser.  Grabs stay in real-time!




John is planning a trip to New Zealand with his girlfriend.


It took him just few minutes to make a board about the flights, places to visit, where to stay, things to do, etc. He then shares the board with his girlfriend.

scrapbook of places to visit


John’s girlfriend Re-grabs his flight search and …

regrab other grabs for personal use


…places it in her browser, so that she can check the price updates every time she gets back online because the grab is real-time, not screenshot!

place grabs on other web pages and check their real-time updates