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  • Feedback from active Wepware users:
    • 2014 Feb - "Wepware is one of the most well designed application of its kind on the internet. It's got many nice features, very good intarface, etc. Keep on doing the nice job you've been doing." from Elton Miranda
    • 2014 Feb - "I have tried using other extension services, but Wepware happened to be more comfortable in terms of saving the visuals from the websites, their sorting and viewing." from Bogdanov Andrey
  • “World IT Show (WIS) 2012 was a big disappointment until I saw Wepware… It felt like I found a real treasure... I think it was one of the brightest software ideas that I have seen in years.” by BadaYak blogger.
  • "This amazing technology went so far from regular old-fashioned screenshots. Now I can cut and save any part of any webpage in real time just with one click and easily access it later on even from my phone. Love it" by lhyal blogger.
  • “I started using Wepware to manage all the info for my blog. It saved me so much time and troubles. The number of subscribers doubled just because now I have time to focus on powerful content creation for my blog and not on its management. Thank you Wepware” by Han
  • “Now we are talking! What a great way to use the webpage to its most! Thanks to Wepware I can utilize every inch of my screen and fill it with a content that I need! What a wonderful idea!!”by Esang.
  • “This is a tool for internet addicts, for whose who constantly collect info or content from web and have problem remembering, organizing and reusing it later” by Mariya.


Articles About Us 

Global Education Database ( organization has evaluated Wepware and classified it under 3 categories for education purpose: Apps, Software and Web Tools. Wepware received a B+ score from its editors.

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About Wepware

Wepware, a leading technology innovator introduces its latest breakthrough. Now with Wepware you can easily gather and curate your favorite content from internet. Thanks to our live-updating web scrapbook you won't need to go back to web pages that you've been before, because all updates can be checked from Wepware.Grabbing in Wepware


Simply grab a live-snapshot of any web page, organize it into folders and share it with friends through Social Media. Designed for productivity, Wepware is the only real-time snapshot and content management tool available on the market today. 

To make it even better, all live content you grab can be placed on other web pages as a widget. This gives a full control to you for customizing any web page you visit. Plus, Wepware is accessible through multiple devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile or even TV. Possibilities are limitless!



Our mission is to let people collect and manage their favorite web contents of any type with an ease. We strive to provide with a fun and fully customizable browsing environment for web content collecting, organizing and sharing.


Who use Wepware?

Wepware can be used by different kinds of people in various ways: bloggers, teachers, students, government and office workers and many others. Check it out in "How I use Wepware" section.


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