Quick Start with Premium Extension

1. Start here

Extension button

 If you don't have it, Get Wepware Extension.



  2. Click Scissors

Wepware button

 Use Hotkey Ctrl + B to open the SlidebarToolbox.


Wepware grab tool, slidebar



or use CTRL + Q

Gabbing method in Wepware



Check details on grabbing


Grab your favorites  Grab contents from web pages & save to your Wepware account.


Wepware Grab Tool is a simple extension for your browser. It helps you to collect contents from web and save it in your Wepware account. Whenever you grab content, you grab a part of a web page with text, images, videos, flash, web links etc. Wepware grabs can be viewed in real-time without visiting the original page to which they are linked.




 How to browse? 


Go to Home page

Check My Grabs


Login to www.wepware.com




Click Home button

Wepware Home

Wepware folders Regrab button in Gallery

Login with Wepware account to go access Explore tab.


Click Home button to access your folders.

(If you don't have it, Get Wepware Extension)

Click My Grabs to find list of folders.

Click Wepware icon (Top-Left) and choose Explore tab.

Click Regrab to save the content in your folder.


Explore public grabs of other users, your own folders and regrab content from others.


You can enjoy Wepware without installing the Extension. In this case you will be able to browse the content of other users, regrab it to your online folders and share. But you won't be able to grab your own content!


browse gallery and regrab Wepware folders


 For more details, check our User Guide and FAQs.


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