Quick Start with Wepware (3)

Grab your favorites

Grab contents from web pages & save to your Wepware account.

Wepware Grab Tool is a simple extension for your browser. It helps you to collect contents from web and save it in your Wepware account. Whenever you grab content, you grab a part of a web page with text, images, videos, flash, web links etc. Wepware grabs can be viewed in real-time without visiting the original page to which they are linked.

1st thing to do

If you don't find Wepware button in the bottom-right corner of your browser,




Wepware Extension  Get Wepware Extension on your browser that enables you to grab contents!

  (available for Chrome browser)


With Wepware Extension you can:

  • Capture live content & screenshots, videos & flash, etc.
  • Check real-time updates without going back to original page
  • Place grabs to other pages

Without installing Extension you can

  • Browse favorite grabs of other users
  • Regrab things you like
  • Organize collected grabs into online folders
  • Share by email or social networks


2nd thing to do

Create an account in Wepware

  • to browse other content,
  • regrab and
  • organize it in your online folders.

Sign in to Wepware accountAs first time Wepware user you will be prompted to sign in to your Wepware account with username and password.

Once you create account and sign in, Wepware will always keep you logged in for your convenience, until you sign out manually.


3rd thing to check

How to start grabbing?

1 Step: Find Wepware button 

Wepware button


2 Step: Sign-in

3 Step: Start grabbing

Wepware grab tool, slidebar



Browse Gallery, regrab content from others to your online folders.

browse gallery and regrab


Your folders will appear in the Left Menu under "My Grabs".

My grabs, my folders

For details, check ourUser Guide and FAQs.