Content Capture Tool


Content Capture Tool enables you to grab live content from web pages in a very unique way.Grabbing

  1. It can grab the exact part of webpage that you desire. It can be half of an article, a corner of an advertisement or just website menu.
  2. You grab a part of Live web page. Not a screenshot! No other tool lets you do this!!!
  3. It saves your grabs in online folders.


After you grab your content, you can

  • save it to an online folder of your choice;
  • make collections(Boards) of things you grab;
  • share them with friends;
  • let your friends add grabs to your Board.
  • Place a Grab on any existing website (available in Live Content Customizer- Premium Extension software)

Saving a grab

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Refer to our User Guide to learn more about grabbing!

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